The Swedish publishing house Norstedts gave The Mobile Life the task to conceptualize and develop a new iPhone-application to promote their serie Swedens History.

Test your knowledge and learn about the history of Sweden! A quiz based on the three released to date parts of Sweden’s history, from the inland ice until Gustav Vasa and his sons. The well-known and knowledgeable historian Dick Harrison, Catherine Lindbergh, Bo Eriksson and Katarina Eriksson asks the questions – all answers can be found in the history of Sweden.

Swedish history is a comprehensive work in eight bands, the first standard work for 50 years, published by Norstedts publishers. So far, three bands appeared and the remaining five will be over the next year. The books deal with the history of Sweden, from 13,000 BC to the present.

Of course you can share your results by posting them on Facebook, and you can also compare yourself to others who responded. Also you will find attractive offers that make it cheaper for you to deepen your knowledge of history.