When am I a suitable driver after drinking alcohol?

The Körklar app was one of Sweden’s most downloaded apps in 2011.

How does it work?: By placing beverage icons on hours of ingestion this app easily estimate of how long it will take before the alcohol has gone out of your blood after the party. You can also read about how alcohol affects the body and why it is important to wait to drive after drinking. Once you figured out your combustion curve, you can also spread it to your friends via Facebook so they can keep track when you should not be driving.

Please note that this app is based on a standard model to be used only for entertainment purposes to get an estimate. How quickly the body burns alcohol depends on many more factors than what we consider in this application and also requires that the user enters all the correct information. Do you want to be absolutely sure that you are a suitable driver, you should wait one day after the party before you sit in the car again because fatigue also affects your fitness to drive.

This app has been provided by SalusAnsvar, a company with 100 years of experience in the field of insurance and with a strong commitment to drink driving. For every download of “Drive away?” Contributes SalusAnsvar even with $ 1 to MHF’s (Motorists’ Helnykterhetsförbund) work in the fight against drunk driving.