ABSOLUT VODKA practically invented the idea of brands working closely with the art community back in the mid eighties, working with artists such as Andy Warhol, Kenny Scharf and Damien Hirst. With this project, ABSOLUT wants to continue facilitating the global creative movement to make the world a more vibrant place.

More than 800 pieces of art later, ABSOLUT invites you to create your own piece of art, right in your mobile phone with the ABSOLUT BLANK app. The app is a celebration of the creative process, from blank space to finished piece. Just like any piece of art is shaped by its creator’s influences and inspiration, this artwork lives of the things you’re inspired by.

Take a look at the world through the lens of the ABSOLUT BLANK app and create your own work of art by feeding it with images and sounds. When you’re done, you can post it to the ABSOLUT BLANK online gallery for the world to see.