With Vasaloppet new app, you can follow as many people as you want in all of the races! In addition, you continuously receive all news published directly into your mobile.

With the new monitoring service you can search for the participant through the start number or name. If you buy at least two or more subscriptions in the same race, you can also compare their times at all official time-controls. The number of subscriptions is unlimited and costs SEK 7 per participant and race.

When you track a participant in a race, you continually receive times from all the official controls that run pass. You also get an estimated time of when the participant is expected to come to the next control or finish-line. Time is based on the average speed but does not take into account the weather conditions or any other potentially confounding factors.

The smartphone applications we’re design and developed by The Mobile Life by appointment from Vasaloppet and with Ericsson as sponsor and partner.