With the MEDS app, you get full control of your medicines and can easily place orders and prescriptions. In the app, you can also receive reminders when it’s time to take your medicine, order a new one or when a residual listed medicine has arrived. In addition, you have a large range of products for both you and your family’s health – everything from over-the-counter medicines to diapers, protein bars and professional skin care.


· You can easily and conveniently order both prescription and over-the-counter medicines and products.

· You can set reminders for when it’s time to take your medicine, and also when it’s time to make a new prescription.

· If your medicine is back-listed, you can add a monitoring, and we will inform you when the manufacturer has delivered again.

· You can search for products or medicines by scanning the barcode on the packaging.

· You can add products as favorites so that you can easily find the products you usually order.